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Rick Riella
(209) 993-2977

Site Address:

3045 North Airport Way

Manteca, Ca 95336

Mailing Address:

13182 S Airport Way

Manteca, Ca 95336

Welcome to Riella Farms!

Riella Farms is a 4th generation family owned farm located in Manteca, California, just south of Stockton. Rick Riella is the current operator and owner. Riella Farms consists of two, separate California State licensed facilities that sell live animals and provide butchering services to the public. One facility is a poultry operation and the other deals with on the hoof livestock. The onsite poultry inventory includes hens, roosters,and  ducks.  Livestock includes bulls and cows, goats,  and sheep. There is a wide variety in terms of color, size, and age.

Riella Farms is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for the public. Riella Farms has on site California State licensed inspectors who attend yearly training offered by the State of California. This training helps to ensure that the inspectors keep current with new techniques and information that helps to promote the continued health and safety of the public. In addition, inspectors from the State of California visit the plant facility several times a week to make sure that the regulations, rules, and procedures of the State of California are being properly followed.

Riella Farms also provides services for County Fair poultry participants. In addition, Riella Farms accommodates those who wish to engage in the halal sacrifice method.